QUIRICO FASHION GENRE – would like to introduce you to all that fashion and style allows,  including a guide on how to compliment your personality by Creating a Functional Wardrobe that will  enhance your body  and  lifestyle.

Tips for the plus size silhouette.  The latest Latest Designer Trends.   Sewing & Pattern Making classes.  We also give you a glimpse into the Magical World of Colour.

We extend to you an invitation.  Come with us as we explore the many genres in the world of fashion and style with the hope you will take time to inhale and enjoy the fashion roses along the way.

The creative frivolous world of fashion is one of the flowers we can take time off to enjoy.  It’s a lot of fun and can take the stress out of our hectic schedules.  There are so many important issues that require our urgent attention, fashion is but a diversion.  It gives us that respite, the boost of confidence we need before returning to real life issues.

In this constant “changing” world of fashion, (a contradiction), where “everything old is new again”, there are many genres to cross to complete the fabulous designs we see on the runways and the glossy fashion magazines.



First, the idea in the designer’s mind, followed by illustrations, then comes the draping and making of the pattern.


The concept begins to take shape in the tangible world.  Fabrics are selected.


The sewing machine operators execute samples, models are fitted, tempers flare, nerves are frazzled, the deadline is tomorrow what was once a creative concept has now become an exhausting race with the clock.



Then suddenly like magic the ideas in the designers mind are on the racks, ready to be showcased by the models.

The creative curtains begin to peel back, another spectacular season is showcased on the runways.  Fashion weeks are launched in New York, London, Paris, Milan and eager buyers take the ideas to  manufacturers to transform into “Street Chic” so that you and I can wear these stunning creations.

Quirico Fashion Genre transports you from the fabulous designs seen on the runway into your personal closet to create your very own signature style, the style that will enhance you!

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