Dress for the 4 Letter Word



Unless you have a job that requires you to wear a uniform, dressing for work can turn into a game of:

“Whatever should I wear to work today”

clothes on bed

Laying your entire wardrobe out on the bed, trying on and taking off can be a very exhausting process.


One way of eliminating this stressful process is labeling wooden hangers with the days of the week (or the days you have to work).

Coordinate what you plan on wearing each day, including accessories and place them on the respective hangers.  Also place the shoes you plan on wearing with each outfit side by side.

Each day after you shower and makeup your ready to wear hangers will make dressing for work fun. You will have more time to enjoy breakfast and you will get to work on time feeling relaxed and confident.

Planning your work wardrobe should be given careful thought. It’s a good idea to plan your wardrobe according to your company’s dress code.
This is a versatile work ensemble, by taking the jacket off and replacing it with a beautiful top can take you from the office to a night out. 


It’s always best to dress for the position you are striving for rather than the position you were hired for.



Be well groomed at all times

Being professional is not only reflected in your style but also in your attitude, the way you behave and how you adapt to unexpected situations.


You style convey subtle messages about your personality and character to your employer.

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It is better to be understated for an interview, minimum jewelry and accessories.  Research the company before so you can have an idea of what to wear.
Black, navy beige and grey are excellent for basic suits, skirts, and slacks. You can mix and match these basics with any colour jacket or blouse.  A white shirt is a must have for a working ensemble. Keep accessories to a minimum.


Showing up frumpy or overdressed for work is unacceptable and is putting yourself at a disadvantage, you will not be taken seriously and promotion will always elude you.


How casual is casual? this depends on the organization you work for, their dress code and your position within the company.

“Casual Fridays” should not be interpreted to mean “sloppy”. Casual means you wear informal clothing while maintaining your professionalism.

Overstressed torn jeans, flip flops, dirty running shoes, sloppy jogging pants, over stretched t-shirts and sweaters are unacceptable.

The way you dress on ‘Casual Fridays’ will speak volumes about your readiness for promotion to your employer.



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