Wigs have been around for centuries and it seems as though this enhancement will be here for many decades to come.  In ancient Egypt men and women shaved their locks off and used wigs to protect their head from the elements.  I’m not sure of the logic shaving off their hair then using wigs to protect them from the sun but that was the accepted culture.  They also wore wigs on top of their hair and secure the wigs with beeswax and raisin.

The wigs were made with sheep’s wool,  vegetable fibers or human hair and was a status symbol for the very wealthy.

Centuries later wigs are still popular and used by men and women no matter their ranking in society.

After this brief introduction let’s explore the fun of wearing wigs and hairpieces.  Like fashion, wigs are fun and range from the very expensive to the very affordable.

For the working woman wigs can be a life saver, sleeping in until 7:00 am and having to get to work by 8:00 am., having a bad hair day or on a rainy day a wig can be a blessing.

It is important to take care of your hair  when wearing wigs. neglect can cost your natural locks to wither and die.  Regular washing and conditioning will promote growth and keep your hair healthy.  Wearing wigs constantly can damage and weaken the hair so it best to wear them on occasion.  I wear wigs during the winter it add warmth to my head or if I’m allowing the colour to grow out and sometimes if I my hairdresser appointment is overdue.

We will continue with some DIY wig care in my next post


Most of the suggestions of this page are home made with natural products.  You should be aware of any allergies you may have before experimenting with recipes.  A good idea will be to check with your doctor or dermatologist to ensure safety when using home made products. 

This page is chuck filled with home made skin care ideas and tips on pampering and spoiling yourself.  Yes, you can look stunning without visiting the beauty salon every week. I have experimented with most of these skin care techniques, some of them was introduced to me by family members,  some I discovered on my own and they have worked for me over the years.

I am over sixty going on thirty and my skin is holding up pretty well. Taking care of your skin by developing an effective beauty routine, exercising, eating well, prayer and meditation will preserve your body and your health.

These exercises together with the facials suggested on this page can assist in maintaining a youthful appearance.


Exercising three times a week and eating sensible can keep you in shape.  These are some simple but effective exercises that will keep you trim.  Consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.


You will find that some of the skin care routines are more suitable to your skin type.  Stick to the ones that work for you.  Some of us, including myself have rhino hides, while others may have sensitive skins and prone to  allergies, please consult with your doctor or dermatologist before experimenting.


Effective make up should enhance not disguise…

The new trend in make up is to transform your looks completely to the extent that it is difficult to recognize the real person under the artful application of makeup.

Makeup artisan are pure genius at what they do, and I have great respect for their craft.  Personally, I believe that less is more, and that enhancing your God given attributes is more flattering than disguising your features to make you look like someone else.  Too much makeup can cause breakouts, skin irritation, and premature wrinkles. Beautiful healthy skin is the best asset you can have.  Effective make up should enhance not disguise.

There are excellent skin care products available that will give you healthy glowing skin or if you prefer using natural products available at your grocery or health food store can work just as well.  I am an advocate for using natural product from skin care, the common colds to aches and pains.

Just a word of caution before going natural verify with your doctor that your acne, skin problems or pains are not caused by a medical condition.


To preserve skin luster and softness, rub your body with natural oils, such as olive oil, almond oil.  I like using baby oil on my wet skin, and let it  air dry.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, especially greens which contains calcium.

To stimulate circulation and maintain an alert mind, exercise daily especially walking, yoga and meditation.

Do you know that the three layers of the skin are as thin as the finest chiffon fabric? So treat your skin gently.

Cleanse face every night, if you prefer using a cleansing lotion, using a mild soap once a week will give your face a deep cleansing.  Occasionally, I’ll wash my face and let it air dry and not apply any oil or cream for the night and just let the natural oils do the work.


Pamper your skin by using half of a very ripe avocado and the whites of an egg, whip until smooth and apply to face for approximately 30 minutes .  Rinse thoroughly and moisturize with baby oil, apricot, or almond oil.  You can also use these oils to your body to preserve skin luster and softness after bathing.

You use the other half of the avocado as a breakfast special.


Your face is the first thing others see. I hear over and over this phrase “Don’t judge me, love me for what I am inside”. The reality is that people do judge us by what they see on the outside, our appearance, how we present ourselves, what we wear.  In less than five seconds they form an opinion.  Optics are everything.

Whether you live in a tropical climate or in a country with changing seasons, the elements can be very hard on your skin.

D.I.Y beauty routine and facials you can do at home are economical and very effective to help enhance your appearance.  They will keep your skin soft and your complexion  radiant to create that unforgettable first impression.

More important than any beauty treatment is your attitude and state of mind.  A good attitude toward life will reflect in your appearance and will add that irresistible glow that cannot be substituted by make-up or facials.


Put your best self forward by by practicing these simple DIY beauty routine.

  • Cleanse your face morning and evening
  • Give yourself a  facial and steam your face once a week
  • Give yourself an ice pack treatment from time to time
  • Use a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Use sunscreen lotion if you are exposed to the sun for long periods
  • Most important have a positive attitude

Here are some steps that will assist toward a healthier and younger YOU!

  • Practice meditation at least once a day
  • Exercise regularly (at least four times a week)
  • Get at least eight hours beauty sleep every night
  • Exercise your facial muscles on a daily basis to bring firmness and tone your face and neck
  • Eat a well balanced diet of proteins, cereals and grains, dairy products, green and yellow vegetables and fruits.
  • Try to ensure that your body receives the recommended daily allowance of proteins, vitamins and minerals each day.



You can spoil yourself anytime of the year.  After a challenging day at work, or looking after the family you deserve to just relax and treat yourself to a luxurious spa treatment.  You can do this once a month or once a week depending on your schedule, when the kids and the significant other is nowhere in sight.

Light your favourite scented candles in the bathroom, relax in a warm bath for about five minutes.  Step out the bath (Do not dry).

  • Apply a generous amount of your favourite oil, (baby oil is excellent) or body moisturizing cream.
  • With a soft body brush, wash cloth or loofa gently rub your body in a circular motion, in one direction and then the other.  Don’t forget the elbows, knees, feet and heels.
  • Shower to wash off the excess oil and dead skin from your body
  • Do not towel dry after shower.
  • While skin is still moist reapply body oil or moisturizing cream.
  • You’ll feel beautiful and relaxed.


Harsh weather can dry out our skin.  You can include this step in your facials to help balance and moisturize you face.  I usually include this as the last step in my routine.  It creates a cooling effect  and gives a more youthful look.

Fill sink or basin with enough cold water to wash your face.

  •  Place about a tray of ice cubes in a hand towel, tie the ends with a string, (I made a bag with a hand towel by folding it in half and stitching up the sides so I can use for this procedure)
  • Place in into the basin or sink of cold water, being careful not to let the ice cubes loose in the water so it will not come in direct contact with your face.  Allow a few minutes for the water to get icy cold.
  • Dip your face in the icy water for about 20 seconds for the first time, and increase the time until you can keep your face in the water for a full minute.  If it becomes uncomfortable lift your face out of the warer.
  • After removing your face from the water allow to air dry (do not use towel) Apply face cream or oil to damp face.
  • You will feel cool and refreshed after this, it helps in tightening the pores and an excellent exercise of oil skin.


The best way to start off your facial beauty routine is giving yourself a Shiatsu Massage.  If you commit to doing a self massage once a week it will help with the circulation and contribute to a glowing complexion.


Use a facial vitamin cream and massage the direction of the arrow.

The word Shiatsu derive from Japanese (shi = finger; atsu = pressure).


beauty illustration

Steaming the face weekly will increase circulation and help with acne, it will also help stimulate oil and sweat glands, flushing the pores, cleansing the face thoroughly.

For best results wash face before steaming, then apply a generous amount of face cream or oil of your choice, to moist face and neck.  Pay attention to the neck area.

If you have a facial steaming appliance by all means use it.  I prefer to use a sauce pan because the steam distributes all over the face including the neck area.  The facial steaming  appliance concentrates the stem to the frontal area of the face.

  •  Fill a 2qt sauce pan with water and bring to boiling point.
  • Carefully place in a safe place to prevent spills.  A good idea is to       put the pan of  boiling water into the sink, so it is secure and cannot spill
  • Drape a large towel over head and bend over,  steaming pot for   about five minutes.
  • Splash with cold water, apply cream or oil to damp face.

For a quick steam place a hot wash cloth over face for about five minutes, then splash with cold water.  Apply cream to damp face.


Cleansing your face thoroughly once a day is a good practice to prevent pimples and blackheads and keeps the skin smooth and youthful:

  1. Fill sink or basin with warm water
  2. Wet face and lather with facial soap in an upward motion
  3. Continue to wash face moving the skin of your face upwards (if you have a very soft brush, facial cleansing pad, or soft cloth, gently stroke the skin upwards)
  4. Refill sink or basin with warm water  and rinse face thoroughly (I usually use ten handfuls of water to make sure all residue is rinsed off.
  5. Rinse with cold running water
  6. Do not dry your face, let air dry.  (a cosmetologist advise me letting the face air dry is the best way to retain moisture and delay wrinkles)
  7. Apply generous amount of moisturizing cream of your choice.  (My moisturizers of choice is, olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter or non-scented castor oil)
  8. If you are applying foundation cream, blot face with with soft tissue before applying foundation.
  9. In the evening, use a night cream – do not blot.


skin cream

Most of us have been on a weight loss program, either by diet or exercise or both.  It is important to tone your face muscle and keep it in top shape to prevent sagging.  Make a skin shape-up program a daily routine.  Follow the procedures for facials below,  increase the massage sessions to ten minutes.  Daily massages and exercise will work to firm sagging muscles.


face massage

Exercising and massaging the face  encourages circulations and keeps the skin  soft.  It promotes a  youthful, glowing completion.   Sit down, relax, watch your  favourite tv show.  Have  your night cream handy and give yourself a quick pick-me-up facial.

These facial exercises lifts the face and is excellent for lines and wrinkles.

Exercise 1:

This exercise is good for lines near the eyes:  Place the tip of your third finger on temple, gently slide down under your eyes toward the nose.

Exercise 2:

Place second and third fingers on jawline, midway between point of chin and ear, massage up to the nostril.

Exercise 3:

Place tips of second and third finger by nostrils and draw gently backwards and upwards to the temples.



No matter what the forecast you can still pamper yourself with this DIY facial routine:

    1. Clean face and neck thoroughly, then apply peel off mask .  Lay on your back on bed and hang head over edge of bed.  this allows your skin to pull upwards.   This position helps wrinkles and sagging muscles – Allow to dry.
    2. Carefully peel mask off face.
    3. Apply generous amount of vitamin face cream
    4. Steam face while massaging face for about five minute
    5. Wash off cream and apply astringent or clarifying lotion
    6. Applying firming mask of choice.  (You can place tea bags or cucumber on your eyes to help with the dark circles or bags under eyes) Let dry then wash off with warm water.
    7. Moisturize face, with your choice of face cream  (I like to use coconut or olive oil, heat so it’s warm.  It’s inexpensive and very effective)


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