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Hello my Stylish Sistas!

So thrilled that you are viewing my blog, this tells me that  we have much in common. We love fashion and style, it also tells me that you care about your appearance, and you always look stunning and care about those around you.

The motivation for my blog is that I love to see you looking fabulous and develop your God given potential to be the best you can be, and the content of this blog is towards this end.

Just a little glimpse about myself.

I began designing and making my own clothes by age fourteen.  My life style has changed considerable over the past few years, since I retired from the mundane corporate arena, where my wardrobe consisted of suits, dresses, skirts, tops and tailored trousers.  I followed the “dress for success” theme as I had to adhere to the dress code of the company.  I am happy to state that now I am living my passion for fashion and doing what I really  love  my wardrobe is more imaginative and creative.  

Adding more dimension to my  life  is being on the executive of a non-profit organization, secretary of the landscape committee for my subdivision and teaching sewing and pattern making classes, together with being a doting grandmother and a full time fashion blogger.  

When I first started blogging, I would take photographs from the internet and online magazines and place on my blog, until I learned about copyright rules, then I recruited my two grandsons, aged eight and ten as my photographers.  They did a very good job but soon became bored taking pictures of their grandmother in pretty clothes and not even monetary compensation appealed to them. I then attempted to enlist my cousin, however since she is a very good cook, when we scheduled a photo shoot we would end up in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal, followed by a movie or going to the mall on a shopping spree,  So I had to abandon that idea.

My next option was plan “D”.  I invested in a camera and tripod which has solved my photography problem.  I am still learning and growing in the photography field while taking pictures for my blog  I am discovering a new and exciting hobby in the process.

I will be very happy to hear from you. Please share how you first became interested in fashion and all the positives you have experienced.

Let us have fun together as we are transported from the fabulous designs seen on the runway into your personal closet
to create your very own signature style that will enhance you!

I look forward to a fashionable relationship with you.

Love you my Sistas

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