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Hello my Stylish Sistas!

So thrilled that you are viewing my blog, this tells me we have much in common. We love fashion and style, it also tells me that you care about your appearance, and you always look stunning and care about those around you.

The motivation for my blog is that I love to see you look fabulous and develop your God given potential to be the best you can be, and the content of this blog is towards this end.

Just a little glimpse about myself. I began designing and making my own clothes by age fourteen. My Love Story with Sewing & Styling I would compile books with fashion sketches and my friends would come to my home for week-end sleep over sewing parties. When they were invited to an event I would be the stylist putting their looks together.

When I witnessed the confidence, self esteem and total transformation in their attitude, brought about by  creating a unique style to compliment their personality, this gave me a feeling of excitement and exhilaration, that propelled me to continue my love affair with styling and fashion.

I decided to perfect my craft by attending Academy of Fashion where I received my diploma in fashion design and merchandising.  Parallel to working in the Corporate arena I have always pursued my love for fashion and style by filling my spare time and weekends by sewing and staging fashion shows.

I will be very happy to hear from you. Please share in the comments how you first became interested in fashion and all the positives you have experienced.

Let us have fun together as we are transported from the fabulous designs seen on the runway into your personal closet
to create your very own signature style that will enhance you!

I look forward to a fashionable relationship with you.

Love you my Sistas

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